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Summer 2016 Moodboard

Summer 2016 MoodBoard from Shawna Lenee Show

Thanks for coming to check out my Summer 2016 MoodBoard! I love making these every season and fill them up with all of the things I plan on enjoying! As you can see, there is a LOT of Disneyworld in this MoodBoard, because my family trip is 16 DAYS away!

I also hope to see an extreme amount of flowers and nature. I wish for another trip to the Metroparks to take more nature photography soon! I have yet to take a walk there this Summer and really need to plan a day to visit next week before we leave for vacation!

[ Moodboard:  Please visit the complete article to see the Moodboard ]

Make sure to read my latest posts that were released today: Clip Sale and 30 Videos! Please comment below about what you think about my MoodBoard, what you have planned for this Summer, or what your ultimate Summer Dream is!

Here is wishing you the BEST Summer of your lives! I love you so much! Make sure you FOLLOW ME on Twitter to keep up with all of my latest updates!


Snapchat Contest #005

Snapchat Contest #005 - Shawna Lenee Show

It’s time for another Snapchat Contest and I am so excited to be hosting another one! Thank you guys so much for helping me reach 65k Followers on Twitter! It has been such a great month, especially because the Lenee Brigade WON Dogfart Girl of the Month for May 2016! Thank you, again! I am love you all so much for the support and encouragement! So.. Here is the 5th Edition of Snapchat Contest #005, with a different prize selection of course! The WINNER will receive 2 awesome prizes!

  • Lifetime Access to my Snapchat
  • 20 Video Clips from My Clip Store

I hope we can get a lot of entries! If you have any suggestions for PRIZES that I should giveaway for the next contest, please leave your suggestion in the comments area below!

The winner of this contest will automatically be chosen on June 30th, 2016 at 11:59 EST! I am currently participating in TWO CONTESTS this month, and would really appreciate your votes! You can VOTE FOR ME at YouKandy and Manyvids, under the Trouble Brigade. Look at the SPECIAL OFFERS on Manyvids regarding Buying Votes! You really can’t get better deals that those!

Make sure to use Social Media for Snapchat Contest #005! You can earn EXTRA ENTRIES for doing so! The next Snapchat Contest will begin when we hit 80k Followers on Twitter, so make sure you tell your friends to FOLLOW ME!

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Snapchat Contest #005 is a special event for reaching 65k Followers on Twitter! This is another huge milestone for all of my interactive fans and followers because we have won another big award this past month! THANK YOU to everyone who retweeted my many tweets to become Dogfart's Girl of the Month for May 2016! I can always count on you guys to VOTE for me, and I just can't thank you guys enough! This contest will start IMMEDIATELY and will end on 06/30/2016 at 11:59pm EST!

The WINNER of this contest will receive TWO Prizes (Value: $100): • Lifetime Access to my Snapchat • 20 FREE Clips from my My Clip Store! The rules are simple: You must be 18+ years to enter this contest. International players are welcome to participate! You must have a Snapchat & Email to receive both prizes. Winner will be notified via email!
This contest expired.

I hope you all are enjoying your Summer! I will be arriving at Disneyworld in 24 DAYS, and I am truly more excited than I can even begin to explain! I wish you all the best of luck in Snapchat Contest #005!

I love you all!


Cleveland Metroparks Photography Summer 2015

Shawna Lenee Photography at Cleveland Metroparks - Summer 2015

I love taking walks in the Metroparks. There are so many places to explore and discover new things. We have a nature center located nearby, and I find myself there a lot. Since I bought a new camera a few months ago, I’ve been trying out this photography thing. It’s been a fun adventure so far and I hope I can make more time for it soon.

In this post, I am posting some of my favorite photos that I have taken from two trips, in June and August of 2015 at the Cleveland Metroparks. One of the days it was Sunny, the other it was Cloudy. Please take it easy on me, I am no expert and am still learning!

Please enjoy these photos and have an amazing week!

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Shawna Lenee

5 Ways to Have Great Summer Skin

5 Ways to Have Great Summer Skin - Shawna Lenee Show

It’s mid-summer and my skin has been through a lot of dramatic changes already this season. No matter which season it is, I always follow my simple morning and nighttime face routine which is Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize. I remember learning this back in high school when I was in modeling and acting classes. This routine has been with me over ten years and I recommend that women adopt this routine as well. You can add products as needed for what your skin my be going through at the time. Overall, your basis should be: Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize. Please enjoy these 5 Ways to Have Great Summer Skin!

1.) Stay Hydrated

It is extremely important to stay hydrated during Summer to keep your skin from being dried out by the heat. Drink a lot of water or healthy drinks. I am not the type of girl to drink plain water so I replace water with lemonade, Hi-C, or other juices. Drinking alcohol dehydrates you very easily. So please take caution if you are drinking outside on a Summer day!

2.) Use Sunscreen

You must protect your skin from the sun’s vicious rays. Especially if you live in a warmer climate. My face is in it’s worst shape after as sunburn on my face. It can take me weeks to restore the moisture back to it. The best way to fix that problem is to use sunscreen and prevent a sunburn in the first place.

3.) Exfoliate Skin

I notice that my pores get clogged more in the Summer months because I am more active and spend more time outside. I use a gentle exfoliator at least every other day a to keep my pores clean and bright. I usually take this step after cleansing and before toning. Exfoliating really helps give your skin that smooth, glowing look! I also use a lip exfoliator to keep chapped lips away in all months!

4.) Use Coconut Oil

This is a tip that is recommended from a friend of mine name Rachell. I looked up the benefits of coconut oil and the list of uses is endless! Since I am not an expert on this topic, I searched the internet to find some more information. I really enjoyed reading the blog post The Dirty Truth: Coconut Oil as a Facial Cleanser, written by Sherri at OverthrowMartha.com! You can head over there to read about the different uses of coconut oil and why it may be beneficial for y0u to use.

5.) BB Cream

The rule is to wear less makeup in the Summer. Which is why it is more important to take care of your natural skin during these months. If you want to combine sunscreen and a foundation, use a BB Cream. Choose one with a light coverage in your skin tone. This product will protect your skin from the harsh environment while evening out your skin tone.

5 Ways to Have Great Summer Skin - Shawna Lenee Show

I hope you all have enjoyed these 5 simple ways to keep your skin looking great this Summer! Please comment below and share your own tips. Do you use any of these tips and how do they work for you? What type of skin do you have and what routine best matches your skin type?

Enjoy your skin this Summer!

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