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Snapchat Contest #004

I am very excited to start Snapchat Contest #004! This contest is being held for you guys because you helped me reach 50k Followers on Twitter! I want to thank you all for being there for me, supporting me, sharing my tweets for me, and most of all – VOTING for me! I can’t really express how thankful I am to have you in my life and this contest is the least I can do! So, here we are.. the FORTH Edition of another Snapchat Contest! I wouldn’t be here without you all and I love you from the bottom of my heart! For this contest, the WINNER will receive TWO Prizes:

  • Lifetime Access to my Snapchat
  • 10 FREE Clips from My Clip Store

Please enjoy this contest and have fun playing! The winner will be randomly chosen 03/31/2016 at 11:59pm EST! And don’t forget about my Contests, too! I can always use extra VOTES on the YouKandy Model of the Month Contest! If you don’t feel like playing this contest to win my Snapchat, you can purchase Lifetime Access by sending me 399 Tokens as a tip in My Clip Store! Feel free to look around and make some purchases, there is a huge menu on my profile!

Oh, and make sure to use Social Media to earn EXTRA VOTES in Snapchat Contest #004 below! The next contest, #005, will start when we hit 65k Followers on Twitter, so make sure to tell your friends!

TrophySnapchat Contest #004
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Snapchat Contest #004 is a celebration for reaching 50k Followers on Twitter! This huge milestone makes for a great time to give back to my faithful fans and online friends. I want to thank everyone who has been apart of my Twitter network this past year and a half. I can always count on you guys to cheer me up, RT my tweets, and most of all - VOTE for me! This contest will start IMMEDIATELY and will end on 03/31/2016 at 11:59pm EST!

The WINNER of this contest will receive TWO Prizes (Value: $80): • Lifetime Access to my Snapchat • 10 FREE Clips from my My Clip Store! The rules are simple: You must be 18+ years to enter this contest. International players are welcome to participate! You must have a Snapchat & Email to receive both prizes. Winner will be notified via email!
This contest expired.

I hope you all have been having a great week! I am sorry I haven’t been blogging much. I have been so busy filming new clips for My Clip Store and camming on MFC! Don’t miss my new sexy solo work because it is what I have been loving to do lately!

Thanks for coming to hang out at the Shawna Lenee Show! I wish you the best of luck in Snapchat Contest #004!


Shawna Lenee

Purple Bikini Strip Tease Video at Customs4U

Purple Bikini Strip Tease Video from Shawna Lenee

Purchase this Video on Customs4U!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the Purple Bikini Strip Tease Video so far! I hope you have enjoyed the video and I can’t wait to make more! This video is 6 minutes and 16 seconds long and I playfully strip out of my bikini and give you a great teaser! This is a great “warm up” video to the custom videos I have available for purchase as well!


If you haven’t made your purchase yet, I am asking that you take the following steps to do so! These steps are for the DESKTOP version of Customs4U website.

First, you need to click the above link that says Purchase this Video on Customs4U!

Next, you should see three drop down menus. Click on the middle menu under Search Your Model. Type Shawna in that spot and you should see Shawna Lenee drop down.

And then, if you click my name, the page should take you to all of the videos I have available at Customs4U!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions.. Then please email me at ShawnaLeneeShow@Gmail.com – I will try my best to help out!

TODAY ONLY – There is a sale on Lifetime Access on my Snapchat. You can find this offer in my Customs4U store. Instead of the normal $40 Lifetime Access price, it will only cost $30 TODAY! Yay! That is $10 OFF! Don’t miss out on this!

We only need 400 more followers on my Twitter to start Snapchat Contest #003! Make sure to tell your friends to Follow Me!

Have an awesome week! It’s Hump Day today!!


Shawna Lenee

Thanks for the Amazing Time at Sapphire NYC!

Shawna Lenee at Sappire NYC

Thanks for memories at Sapphire NYC!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to dance at the Sapphire NYC club! I had so much fun and would love to share memories of my trip with you. I was only in NYC one night, so I tried to pack in as much fun as possible.

When I arrived in NYC and checked into my hotel, I got ready and jumped on cam at MFC. I was hoping to sightsee and take photos of the city, but it was raining. I thought about how cute it was to watch everyone walk around NYC with their umbrellas. Thanks to all of you guys who joined me on cam! I really hope to host the Shawna Lenee Show Live in NYC sometime soon.

Shawna Lenee Appearance at Sapphire NYC


Cindy, my best friend, and her fiancee, Rachell, came to to visit me and watch my show. Special thanks to them coming from PA to NYC for the support. I love them so much! I also had a fan drive 7 hours from Youngstown, Ohio to NYC for my show. For that, I am so thankful. I can’t express how thankful I am when you guys travel to come see me. Make sure you tell Sapphire in NYC that you want to see me back in town!

I rocked out on stage and a few lucky guys were able to get lapdances from me after my show! I appreciate everyone who came to buy merchandise, too! I love when you guys buy my products. Coming soon, there will be a Shawna Lenee Store, right here on this site! I am getting everything together for that to happen and I am so excited!

After a successful night of meeting fans at Sapphire, I was able to get some rest and venture off into New York in the morning. I took my new camera and took photos of architecture and sights. I am not sure why I like taking pictures of buildings, but I do. So, I do it.

Please enjoy the photos featured here that I took during my trip to Sapphire in NYC! I can’t wait to feature dance there again! I thank the club for their amazing hospitality. They really treated me like a princess! I have yet to hear anything bad about this club. They deserve a million gold stars for treating me like a princess! I hope to make another appearance soon!

Don’t forget that I also need 4k more followers on Twitter before we can start Snapchat Contest #003. If you are interested in purchasing my Snapchat username and connecting with me, just send me an email at ShawnaLeneeFans@Gmail.com for purchase information!

Check out the new SLS Forums, where you guys can add threads of your favorite girls or chat about anything. Have fun & enjoy!


Shawna Lenee

Exxxotica Chicago 2015

Shawna Lenee at the LA Direct Model booth at Exxxotica Chicago 2015

Exxxotica Chicago 2015

I want to thank everyone who came out to see me at Exxxotica in Chicago! I was signing at the LA Direct Booth all three days and had a blast! You guys are so amazing. Whenever us girls needed something and couldn’t leave our booth, you guys were there for us! We appreciate all of the Red Bulls, coffees, snacks, and candy!

LA Direct Models Booth at Exxxotica Chicago 2015

I lost my voice on the second day of Exxxotica, which is usual when I sign at conventions. I always lose my voice at the end of the second day! It is completely worth sounding a little silly for a week after, though! I love talking to all of you about life, dreams, and our interests!


Special thanks to my fan Walter who helped me during the fire alarm. Us girls were so hot, we caught the place on fire! Walter helped me grab my merchandise, because I was not up for leaving it behind! I couldn’t imagine all of my magazines and DVDs catching on fire! The fire on the roof was put out quickly and we were able to resume signing in after a half hour. Made for a pretty eventful second day!Shawna Lenee Exxxotica Chicago 2015 Day #1

I am really looking forward to meeting you all in DALLAS at Exxxotica on August 7th – 9th! I am thankful for all the purchases you guys made and I hope to meet many more of you in August! I will have more magazines, 8 by 10s, DVDs, and photos with me available! I ask that you do not come to the expo with 50 photos that you expect me to sign for you to sell online. I’m sorry but I can’t do that for you. Thank you so much for understanding.

Make sure you check out my Tour Dates page so you never miss when I am in your town! Have an amazing week!



Inspiration: Goals Make You Stronger

Goals Will Make You Stronger - Shawna Lenee Show

Why Are Goals Important?

I love setting goals for myself. If you haven’t found out yet, I am a list taker, to-do maker, and goal setter. Goals are insanely important. There was a time, about 6 or 7 years ago that I had zero goals. I had no sense of direction. I had no idea where I even wanted to go in life. Maybe it was the age I was at. Then around 4 years ago, everything started coming together as I set goals for myself. Goals have given me a sense of meaning in my day-to-day life. I wake up and I have a list of things I want to accomplish. Whether it is doing chores around the house, spending more than usual with my kids, or working on a project.

How Many Goals Should I Have?

I recommend having three tiers of goals (Long-term, short-term, and daily). First, you need long-term goals. These are goals you want to reach in the next 2-3 years or more. I suggest having at least 2 or more of these long-term goals. One of my long-term goals is to purchase a house in the next 2 years. Using this long-term goal, I can then shape my short-term goals. Short-term goals, in my opinion, should be completed within year of making them. Going off of my long-term goal example, I know how much I need to save for the down payment I want (2 year goal). So, I can set a short-term goal to have half of this money saved within a year, if I want the total amount within 2 years. This process is basically just breaking your long-term goal down into sections, or pieces. I can break it down even further for my daily goals by setting sales and profit goals. I based my example off of money but you can apply these goal setting techniques to any goal you want to accomplish.

How Does Having Goals Make Me Stronger?

The feeling I get from completing a goal is definitely euphoric. My goals even include how much traffic I bring in to this site (and my other sites). When I break my goals, I just feel like dancing. Goals help us learn problem-solving skills. As long as we take one step at a time, we learn to solve the problem with each step. There may be some set-backs, like not getting into that college you wanted to attend, but these setbacks will only make you stronger. Life isn’t always happy moments, and you will be rejected once in a while. By taking a look at the situation, we may be able to find a fix. You may find that you were only 20 seconds away from your goal in that mile run. Even though you didn’t win this time, you can look at your training schedule to see what can be changed to gain that 20 seconds.

I hope you gained some insight on how I set goals for myself. What goals do you have? Is there anything standing in the way, like financials/work/family? How do you stay focused on your goals?

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Shawna Lenee Show to get updates via email!

– Shawna Lenee

New Photoset: Pink & Black Corset

Pink & Black Corset Photoset from Shawna Lenee

There’s Something New!

There is a new photoset available on my Customs4U store! I am so excited about this tiny photoshoot I did for you guys! I felt like getting sexy one night last week so I booked a nice hotel room in my area. I totally took advantage of the place by snapping a few photos (and taking some videos) while I was there! This outfit was bought for me by an amazing fan of mine. He is receiving this photoset for free as a Thank You! You can buy me outfits off of my Amazon Wishlist or Delivery Code wishlist and receive your own free photoset! Just make sure you email me and tell me what you bought so I know who has gifted what item!

How Many Photos Are in This Photoset?

The Pink & Black Corset Photoset includes 23 photos! You can scroll through and watch me strip down further in each photo! The photos are 900 by 600 pixels each, which makes them perfect for viewing on your computer or mobile device! To purchase this photoset, you must first visit my Customs4U site here: http://www.customs4u.com/customs/shawnalenee. You need to click the Offers button next (I recommend browsing in Desktop view) and then scroll down my offers until you see Pink & Black Corset Photoset! Add that to your cart (look around for other goodies) and checkout!

How Will I Receive This Item?

You will receive this photoset within 48 hours of making your purchase. You must message me on Customs4U, or email me at ShawnaLeneeFans@Gmail.com with your order number so I can send you the files. All of the pictures included will be sent via email in a .zip file. You must know how to download and run .zip files before purchasing.

P.S. – Do not forget to subscribe to the Shawna Lenee Show. You will get special updates via email so you never miss a thing! Also, I will be sending everyone a SUPER discounted deal on Thursday, March 5th, 2015! Make sure you subscribe by then!!

– Shawna Lenee

New Content at Customs4U!

Shawna Lenee - Custom Videos

Now Selling on Customs4U!

I made a huge switch today by switching to the Customs4U.com selling platform. As you may know, I have been taking orders by myself via email. Which has been so much fun and great! Unfortunately, I am getting so many orders that the small work that goes into each one is becoming a little bit overwhelming. Each sale I get, I have to send my sales pitch, send an invoice, and then check back with that person. By selling on Customs4U, I can take a couple of those steps out of the equation. After 50 sales, that time is really going to add up!

What’s the Big Difference?

Another awesome thing about selling on Customs4U is that I am able to sell a wider variety of items! You can now purchase a Coffee Meetup with me, Worn Panties, and there’s so many more options coming soon! The main change is that I am now 100% selling Lifetime Access to my Snapchat Peep Shows via this new platform. No longer will you have to wait for an invoice from me- You can go ahead to my Offers page and purchase access at any time!

What If I Want a Custom Video?

You no longer need to email me about custom videos either! You can just head over to Customs4U and pick from the pre-selected option that I have chosen. You can pick 15 minutes or 30 minutes. If you want something not listed (like a 45 minute video) just fill out the offers section yourself with the price you are willing to pay. I’ll be able to deny/accept the price, so make sure it is fair!

I Want to Sell on Custom4U. How Do I Do that?

You can easily sign up to sell items yourself. If you are a hot girl with a great attitude and work ethic, then Customs4U could be the perfect place for you! I highly recommend working with this platform. Payouts are super fast (up to 3 days) and you can request your payment at any time! Take a look around the site then visit here when you are ready to start selling! If you know how to brand yourself, then this could be extremely profitable for you. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

I hope this switch in how I complete sales saves us all time and makes us more productive in the end. If you need any help making an order or offer, please email me ShawnaLeneeFans@Gmail.com so I can help you with the process!

-Shawna Lenee

Motivation and Distractions

Motivation Slips Away

It would probably set a good vibe if I opened up my blog with a motivational quote. Motivation is a huge part of my daily life. I constantly make to-do lists and set reminders so I can always stay on time with tasks. It’s really easy for us all to get side-tracked. Social mediums like Facebook and Twitter are huge sources of distraction. All of the photos, links, hot girls.. How could someone not forget what they were supposed to do? Those systems were designed to continuously keep our attention. Because we are imperfect humans, we become distracted and time just seems to slip away.

What is Your Biggest Distraction?

Let’s discuss what your biggest distraction is. What keeps you from competing all of those things you wanted to finish? Is it a lack of energy? Or that new TV series you can’t stop watching every Tuesday night? It could possibly be hanging out with friends and spending too much time on your social life. I know that sometimes I get lost for awhile in music. I’ll turn on my new favorite song then start singing and dancing around the house. You can stop laughing at me now- I will dance anywhere, anytime.

Do You Want to Dance?

For whatever distraction you have, keeping the right balance between work and home life is extremely important. But for those of us who want to complete just a little bit more.. For those of us who want to be even more productive.. What is your biggest distraction? Is it easier for you to keep dancing, or is it easier to just sit down and do the work? What keeps you motivated to be productive? My kids and my goals are what keep me going every single day. Tracking my progress daily has also been a huge motivation for me. I love seeing my stats grow!

– Shawna Lenee

Motivation and Distractions - The Shawna Lenee Show

Snapchat Contest #001

Shawna Lenee - Snapchat Contest #001




It’s time to offer something back to my fans. I’ve wanted to host a contest for awhile, at least a few months. Now seems like the absolutely perfect time because I just reached 20k followers on Twitter!

The rules are simple. Retweet a status (look below) to be entered. You can only enter once, so this is a totally fair contest!

Here is the catch. This contest will only run for ONE WEEK. So you better be on your A-Game! 🙂 Here is a rundown of the details again, including the link you must Retweet! The winner will be notified via Twitter and here on my blog!

Contest: Snapchat Contest #001

Prize: FREE Lifetime Access to my Peep Shows on Snapchat

To Enter: Retweet the following link on Twitter.

Retweet Link: Retweet this Status!

Time: You will have ONE WEEK to compete in this contest. This contest will end on March 1 2015.

Winner: The winner of this contest will be notified via DM on Twitter and/or via Twitter Newsfeed. Winners will have one week to respond.

What do you think about this contest? Are you excited or hoping to win? Leave your comment with thoughts below. Leaving a comment does not increase your odds of winning. Have fun playing!

– Shawna Lenee