How to Start a CamModel Blog

How to Start a CamModel Blog

I frequently get many requests for advice regarding web design, ads, and social media marketing. I have decided to hare my expertise with all cam models here on my blog. I hope my advice and knowledge helps models to become inancially independent and I also hope this information helps the camming community grow together! This is my first “How To” post regarding how to design- so please be patient with me. I am starting with 5 easy steps for you today. Information may be vague while I practice getting better with discussing the details! If you have ANY questions, please contact me in the comments below or tweet me on Twitter: @ShawnaLeneeShow!

If you are wondering why you should have a CamModel blog, here are some benefits that having one has. You will be able to:

  • Have one main location and “home” on the internet.
  • Collect your social media followers to one place.
  • Announce big news that can be found by those not on social media.
  • Keep information organized chronologically.
  • Save all of your files in one place.

1. ) Get a Domain

This step is the easiest and the most difficult. You must choose a domain name that is unique. Search different search engines (Bing, Google, and Yahoo) to make sure there are no other sites with your name. Hopefully you did this during the process of choosing your stage name. If you did, this process will probably be easier when choosing a domain.

DO: I have used GoDaddy for 16 years. I have never had an issue but I think many people have had their own experiences. Please note that you will get an amazing rate for the first year but then your domain registration is about $30/year after that. Make sure your private information is kept secret, which costs an extra $8 a year. Make sure you also buy hosting for around $5/month so you can save your files somewhere!

DON’T: Make sure your domain isn’t difficult to type in. And don’t pick a confusing name like “” – Sorry if that is your domain. Don’t be afraid to call your domain provider if you have any questions. Many times, I think GoDaddy can’t help me with an issue but they are very knowledgeable and turn out to be more helpful that I ever imagined!

Buy a GoDaddy Domain

Domain Provider Reviews

2.) Install WordPress

WordPress has been the best Content Management System for so long now that I don’t think I will ever try another one. I highly recommend using WordPress and nothing else. Many people who try WordPress are very overwhelmed at first. There are many items to check out in your Dashboard. With some practice, you will become faster and you will learn where all the options you need to access are.

DO: Install WordPress yourself. It may take some time and effort but there are companies that charge you $100 just to transfer some file folders! Read the documentation and installation literature that comes along with the .zip file. You will need to download the WordPress files with the link below and install them onto your computer.

DON’T: Try not to rush through this process if you are unsure what you are doing! I have included a YouTube video link below this section, which explains specifically on how to install WordPress to your GoDaddy Domain! Don’t make the mistake of having other files in your domain. Clear it and install it on a clean domain! Don’t upload this folder in the wrong spot- It goes in your main folder!

Download WordPress Here (.zip file)

How to Install WordPress on GoDaddy CPanel (YouTube Video)

3.) Pick a Theme

If you are very picky like me, this may take you a bit of time to decide. When starting out on WordPress as a beginner, you don’t need to pay $60-100 for a fancy theme. You can easily pick a Free Theme for now (there are so many to choose from) and then upgrade to more options when you become more comfortable on your new database!

DO: Pick something that represents you and your brand. Are you a light & bubbly performer? Or are you a dark or sultry performer? Try to stick to one color scheme, so your customers will start to recognize you by your branding! Don’t pick neon colors that are TOO bright! And make sure each color compliments the others and that the font color is easy to read on the page!

DON’T: Stay away from anything too plain or anything too flashy. Sometimes sliders can be a hassle, even though developers are becoming better at making them suitable for all devices! Make sure you check what your site looks like on as many devices and browsers that you can! Don’t choose a theme with an unreadable font. I like classic fonts: Georgia, Helvetica, Arial, etc.!

Browse Free WordPress Themes

How to Install WordPress Theme

4.) Write the Content

I have days when I could write all day (today) and then I have months where I have nothing to say at all. Many people say you should update at least once a week, and I totally agree. This is something I need to get better at! With any business on the internet, consistency is key. Express your feelings, discuss the business (positively or in a productive way), or post anything you feel like saying! Your blog is your place!

DO: Just write freely. Don’t worry about typos and just type as your thinking. Let your mind transfer to the post. You can always go back and fix typos, whenever they appear during future readings! (Happens to me all the time) – Also don’t be afraid of what others will think of your writing. Your fans will love that you are sharing a personal side of you!

DON’T: Make sure you don’t waste this investment! Even though a blog is extremely affordable, you still don’t need to be wasting any money on anything you don’t need! Don’t invest in a blog if you don’t think you will be using it! Make sure you are dedicated to the idea so you can see your blog and brand grow, instead of seeing it as a wasted expense!

How to Write a Blog Post (YouTube Video)

Blog Post Ideas (Article)

5.) Share On Social Media

Yay, now for the fun part! I know you cammodels are on social media, right? I highly expect you to be. Because no one will KNOW to go to your blog if they have no idea what your blog is! You will need some visits and shares to boost up your rankings in the Google Listings! We will work on being more searchable in future blog posts and I hope to discuss with you how to monitor your blog stats!

DO: Share frequently, but not every single second! Tell your followers once a day for a week when you write a new blog post! Remember, people are on social media at all times of the day and week! Sharing a link only once may be limiting your exposure! Be proud of your work and show off your hard work. If you made it this far, BE PROUD!

DON’T: Try not to share the same blog post over and over and over. Write enough content to get your started so you can work out a Promo Plan! I will be discussing Promo Plans in future blog posts! Don’t write about the same topic, make sure you switch up your ideas to keep things interesting. This will also help you gain a variety of readers! Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to be your topic, you are your brand!

Best Time to Post on Social Media (Infographic)

Facebook vs Twitter (Infographic)

I hope this post has helped someone that is thinking about starting their own blog to benefit their cam model business. It is also important to keep in mind that once you get your blog started and running, grow your following – because you can always turn it into your own adult membership site later on, using WordPress and not losing any content! Just something to keep in mind! If you have any questions, or suggestions for this post or future posts.. Please leave a comment below or TWEET ME!Shawna Lenee Show





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