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Why Do I Love Reasonist Products?

Reasonist Products is an awesome company that I fully support.  With more people turning their backs to religion these days due to hate originating from religious groups, I think it’s important to have businesses like Reasonist Products. I started declaring myself as an atheist a little over a year ago. I am a science nerd. I don’t believe there is a god who created humans or our world. I heavily believe in evolution as well.

Why am I so dedicated to the voice of atheism? I  speak for the young population who is denied a true education based on facts. I  speak for the children who are told the world will blow up, they will die, and if they are bad they will burn in hell for eternity. My personal opinion.. that’s completely wrong. Trying to scare people as a way to inhibit their expression is never okay. I also feel like we should prove that hell exists before discriminating against others based on that idea. Hope I haven’t been too depressing this far. If so, don’t worry because I have some photos of me in my Reasonist Products tees to share with you. (Yes, it is true. I only date atheists)

Why Should You Buy from Reasonist Products?

This is where Reasonist Products come in. With these amazing designs, you can proudly state (without speaking a word) that you are an atheist. We don’t have to feel afraid to admit it and tell others about it. If it wasn’t for the atheist and freethinking groups I belong to now, I may still be private about my beliefs. I didn’t feel comfortable speaking about it until I knew that other people thought about the same ideas I have. The atheist community has actually been full of the most supportive, helpful, caring, and good-hearted people I have ever met. I see atheists helping each other out in ways that really work instead of just praying for a solution. I agree that support, encouragement, and positive thoughts can make a huge difference. However, I disagree with someone who says God needs to be an element.

Reasonist Products also has a partnership with Secular Women, Inc. Their mission is to “amplify the voice, presence, and influence of non-religious women”. My favorite value held by Secular Women, Inc. is their view on feminism, which is in line with my own. I can agree with this organization that religion should not be used as a justification for the oppression of women. I hope to continue speaking out for women’s rights around the world, and that is one thing that the atheist community does when religious groups are doing the exact opposite.

Where Can You Find Reasonist Products?

You can purchase Reasonist Products from their website. Currently, they offer t-shirts and hoodies with prints of your choice! My favorite designs are the “I Only Date Atheists” tee and the Atheist Universe tee. Honestly, I love all of them. I just want to order every single design. Don’t forget to check out their hoodies, as well. You can never have enough hoodies!

I also recommend following Reasonist Products on Twitter and Facebook. This way, you will stay up to date with their awesome designs. The conversations are tons of fun, too! These aren’t the only pictures I have been holding back from you guys! There are more two shirt designs from Reasonist Products that I just can’t wait to share! Stay tuned!

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  • Andres Canache Gonzalez

    I’ve been out of the closet for 16 years now :p and i still can’t go around new people and say i’m an atheist without getting that “you gonna burn in hell” look. I think is harder for us as latinos that lives in latin america to come out and say that we don’t believe in some imaginary higher being than come out and say that you are homosexual…. even gay people hate us for not believing in “God”

  • David Evans

    You built this site ? Well done and interesting read… you’re so much more then what meets the eye

    • Guest

      Yes, I did make this myself 🙂 I have a handful of sites I have built that I have running right now. I’ve been web designing for about 14 years now!

      • David Evans

        Thats awesome!!! I’d like to discuss this whole paradox of religion and how it hinders progress and the entire spectrum some time u pick the medium I have a lot to say and would like to hear your opinions as well .. keep it up

        • Here we go! I signed into the right Disqus account. ;D Thank you for the kind words. Hope we get to exchange thoughts soon! 🙂

          • David Evans

            I feel spirituality and religion are 2 different things.. one comes from the harmony and balance of the universe and this reality that one finds on their own. ..religion is telling someone what they should think and be and a bunch of rules guidelines that derive from antiquated nonsense.. the universe is amazing and more then inspiring enough without a god being the center of it and no one conquers each other …

  • Fuck Yeah! This is why we love her so much!

  • Fergus Balor

    Thanks! I was raised very conservatively. The fact that billions of people would be burning in hell for eternity eventually caused me to come down with severe depression; after several years I ceased following any god, although it wasn’t until I started studying neurobiological explanations for religious experiences that I really was able to be cured of both depression and concern that there might be a god.
    I wish atheists would be more open about spreading the _real_ good news!