Inspiration: Encourage Your Friends

How Do I Put My Friends in the Best Light?

I have been trying to master the art of encouraging others for the past year. I think encouragement makes a huge difference in our lives. I want to always be there for my friends when they are feeling down or lose sight of their goals. I try to send encouraging messages to my friends and followers online as much as possible. Even though I prefer not to be in “therapist mode”, I will always be available for a boost of confidence!

There is an endless amount of ways you can start encouraging your friends and others you meet. I think the first rule is to pay attention to the other person first. Make sure you are in a position where encouragement will be seen as such. I am listing my favorite ways to share encouragement to those who need it below. Please look over this list. You may already accomplish these mini-missions on your own!

  • Talk good about the person, never speak down on them. We are equals. If someone makes a different decision than you would have made, that doesn’t put them on a lower scale.
  • Point out the person’s best qualities, other than their physical appearance. Compliment their work ethic, positive attitudes, or achievements. If you can’t find anything- Look harder.
  • Don’t talk about yourself. Remember that the encouraging moment is about them, not you. It may be tempting to cut in and tell your own similar story, but wait until the appropriate time.
  • Keep information that the person tells you to yourself. Most likely, that person is confiding in you and does not expect you to share their feelings or actions. Be respectful of their privacy. Be trustful.
  • Send a random encouraging note to a friend if you see them having a tough time with a situation. Maybe your friend is going through a breakup, or is having difficulties with work drama. Send a nice email or card.
  • Let them know you are there for them and that they can reach out to you when needed. Form a basis of trust, so that your friend actually trusts your words of encouragement.
  • Remember that the best decision for that person can only be determined by that person. Offering guidance and advice can be helpful but keep in mind that they will make the decision they think is best for them.

Why Should I Encourage Others?

Encouraging others is important, whether you are boosting your friend’s self-esteem or a stranger’s. Encouraging others (the opposite of bringing others down) is simply the right thing to do. Us humans are social beings and depend on each other for many things. Encouraging a friend can help you two bond and gain a stronger friendship. It’s so easy for us to fall into slumps when encouragement can make a huge difference. To make a better world, we need more positive. Staying neutral with encouragement will make the same progress we have now and not more.

A little bit of encouragement may help someone enough to actually boost their spirits to fix a problem. Having a chance to go over the problem and think about options may be all that person needs to figure out the best decision for them. Who doesn’t love to solve problems? I sure do. And I love to be helpful. Encouragement seems like a perfect way to be helpful and resourceful at the same time.

How Will This Help Me?

Helping others with encouragement will have benefits for you as well, not just for the person you are trying to inspire! It’s easy to become inspired when you start inspiring others! Speaking for myself, I feel really great about myself when I help a sad friend feel happy again! Remember how I mentioned that humans are social beings? There may be a time when you need someone to lean on and that person you helped may be happy to return the favor!

How are ways that you spread encouragement to others? Do you share inspirational quotes? Do you offer time to listen if someone close to you starts ranting off about their day? Do you let others know that you are there for them when needed? I would love to hear how you guys inspire others to be their best selves!

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12 Years Experience in Adult Industry. Multiple Awards from Adult Film Industry and Camming Community. Loves Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship!