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The list of credits I’ve earned for mainstream movies, adult films, and television shows is a pretty cool thing to follow. My career has definitely evolved over the years. I’ve appeared on TV a few times and a couple of the shows reappear on a regular basis still. If you check out your TV Listing, you may be able to see me on your lineup. On this page there is a few shows that you can search your channel guide for.

I’ve taken part in a couple of mainstream movies as well. I usually play a dead girl or stripper in movies but I have been okay with that. I would like to grow this list of movie credits as well. Maybe one day I will be starring in movies at theaters around the nation and world? We shall see. For now, I am extremely happy with the opportunities I have had this far. I encourage everyone to check out all forms of entertainment that I produce.

It would be too long of a page to list every single adult movie I have appeared in. I have kept that list short and only included my very top favorites. I’ve worked with so many amazing companies, producers, directors, and crew members that most of the adult films I have performed in were so much fun. It’s always the best days when you can laugh, joke, and just have fun on set. Check out my favorite films list, they are the performances that I recommend the most. You can also follow my acting credits on IMDB.

TV Shows

Co-ed Confidential (Season 2, Episode 11: 2008)

MTV’s Next (2005)

Mainstream Movies

Halfway Moon (2010)

Dangerous Attractions (2010)

Adult Films (Favorites and Recommendations)

Digital Playground- Pirates 2

Digital Playground- Cheerleaders

Digital Playground- Nurses

Hustler-¬†This Ain’t the Munsters XXX

Hustler- This Ain’t I Dream of Jeannie XXX