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I love reading fan mail,  letters, and any uplifting messages sent my way. I try my best to respond to all messages in a timely fashion. Roughly it can take me minutes or days to respond. However, I do have a few rules when it comes to communicating with me. I ask that you are all patient with your responses. Also, please do not send me a message then send me ?? marks if you don’t get a reply soon enough. It’s really helpful for me because it lets me check my messages faster and respond faster.

Dirty pictures are not needed to be sent either. If I want to see your private parts, I’ll be sure to ask. 🙂 These messages are skipped over and will not be responded to. Sorry if that comes off rude, but what else would you expect for a girl that you sent pictures to without even saying hi first? Other than that, I am pretty open with my emails.  I love reading about friend’s daily lives, their triumphs and falls.

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