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Check out My NUDE Photos

Shawna Lenee - View My Nudes

If you would like to view my collection of my favorite nude photos, please check me out on! I update that page at least once or twice a week right now. I usually add one or two photos per gallery that I have for sale at, as well! So please click over to my photos, like this one called Get Struck. The BEST thing about this gallery of nude photos, is that they are absolutely FREE! There is no charge to view them. I hope you all enjoy my photos and please make sure to click through ALL of the photos to view them!

Shawna Lenee - View Nude Photos

Don’t forget to VOTE FOR ME today! I need your votes at and! Winning MixxXXXMas would be the BEST Christmas Present! And winning AVN’s Fan Vote for Social Media Star would be a long shot- and a dream come true! Just to be nominated for it, that is truly an honor. I can’t believe I am included in that amazing list of girls.

Shawna Lenee - Social Media Star

I have updated my WISHLIST for Christmas! Please take a look and see if there anything you want to buy for me! I will make sure you get some special goodies back. I love to spoil in return! I have a new awesome deal coming up TONIGHT and it will last until December 15th. Please come back later to see what it is!

It is snowing here in North East Ohio. It is the first major snow of the season that is sticking to the ground in our area. I am pretty sad that winter has offiially started. Boo. XOXO

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New Nomination: Social Media Star

Shawna Lenee - Social Media Star

I am so excited to announce that I am nominated for Social Media Star for the AVN Fan Voting Categories! I am asking you all to register and VOTE DAILY! This award would be the perfect way to end this long year! I am up against some amazing ladies so I need all of the help I can get!

I have forwarded my domain to help you guys remember to VOTE DAILY! Please add it as your Homepack, add an alarm to your phone, and bookmark it on all of your devices! Your long-term support is appreciated more than you will ever know. I am so lucky to have such a dedicated following.

Shawna Lenee - Social Media Star - AVN Fan Votes 2017

Also, please don’t forget to VOTE for me at every 90 Minutes to help me win the title of MissXXXMas 2016! I also need you all to write ONE DAILY TWEET that includes the following: @ShowdownNetwork, #MissXXXMas, & @ShawnaLeneeShow! You also must be following @ShowDownNetwork for your voted tweet to be counted!


As you may have noticed, is undergoing some changes. These upgrades will make the page cleaner, more user responsive, and faster for all my fans! I love you all so much! Please SUBSCRIBE to all of my videos at ManyVids! I will have THREE more uploaded by the end of the year!

It is getting pretty cold here in North East Ohio, I just hope you all are warmer than I am feeling right now! Enjoy your Pre-Christmas Days! XOXO

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SMC Miss December 2016

SMC Miss December 2016

Hey everyone, thank you again for helping me win the contest for Adult Industry Social Icon! Your votes helped me out and I earned enough SMC Points to WIN the title for SMC Miss December 2016. I am very excited because I can now compete for the Performer of the Year title! I hope to have everyone’s support, because I would truly love to WIN!

Shawna Lenee - SMC Miss December 2016

Also, the MissXXXMas Contest starts soon and that is another title that I would love to end my year with! It sure has been a great year so far! We have won a total of 8 titles, and I have been so lucky with all of this contest money and the gifts! I love you all so much for spoiling me and spending time on me!

Make sure you check out my ManyVids store to grab a SUBSCRIPTION! You can also find 50% OFF Custom Videos at – BUT there are only 5 MORE Left at this price! You need to act now before the prices are raised again!

Also, there are a TON of new items for sale in my ManyVids Store! You can find worn items, video bundles, snapchat, and gifted donations! Thank you everyone! I love you so much!

I hope you all have a super happy and productive week!

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Adult Industry Social Icon 2016

Shawna Lenee - Adult Industry Social Icon 2016

Thank you to all of my fans that helped me WIN the title of Adult Industry Social Icon of 2016 hosted by! I was able to win because you all retweeted and liked the specific tweet, encouraged me to earn as many participation points as possible, and because a handful of you were so amazing and bought enough vote packs for me to ensure a win. Those that helped me out and bought votes have received all of my video clips and snapchat. A few of them also have a custom video coming, too! Check out to find out about more online contests I may be participating in!


Shawna Lenee - Adult Industry Social Icon 2016

I am so thankful for all of the love you guys show me. I wish I had enough time to chat with each of you, every single day. There is a new way to get ahold of me, if you would really like to chat. You can text me anytime and I will answer back as soon as possible. I have the lowest texting rates possible, so getting my attention will be afforable for you to do! 😀

There is a NEW Clip available in my Clip Store and at my ManyVids Store! I hope you all check it out because it was super fun to make. I invite you all to go download Let Me Use You. My goal is to reach 50 videos by the end of 2016. We are currently at 46. I think our goal will be reached. I filmed something amazing yesterday, and for some reason my sound didn’t pick up on the microphone. So that was a waste and made me sad. But I will make something even better in it’s place. If you are interested in buying ALL of my clips, instead of individually, please send $40 to as a TIP and then let me message me on there with your email address. Your videos will arrive via email.

As the holidays are starting to come up fast, I must wish you all a very happy holiday season! I hope you enjoy this time with family, friends, and surround by love! I love you all so much and hope to see you ON CAM soon at! Please FOLLOW ME on Twitter so you can keep up to date with all of my promotions!


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