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Summer 2016 Moodboard

Summer 2016 MoodBoard from Shawna Lenee Show

Thanks for coming to check out my Summer 2016 MoodBoard! I love making these every season and fill them up with all of the things I plan on enjoying! As you can see, there is a LOT of Disneyworld in this MoodBoard, because my family trip is 16 DAYS away!

I also hope to see an extreme amount of flowers and nature. I wish for another trip to the Metroparks to take more nature photography soon! I have yet to take a walk there this Summer and really need to plan a day to visit next week before we leave for vacation!

[ Moodboard:  Please visit the complete article to see the Moodboard ]

Make sure to read my latest posts that were released today: Clip Sale and 30 Videos! Please comment below about what you think about my MoodBoard, what you have planned for this Summer, or what your ultimate Summer Dream is!

Here is wishing you the BEST Summer of your lives! I love you so much! Make sure you FOLLOW ME on Twitter to keep up with all of my latest updates!


Entire Video Collection: NOW 30 VIDS!

30 Vids = Entire Video Collection from Shawna Lenee Show

I have pretty exciting news for you guys! My Entire Video Collection now contains TWO MORE Clips! The best part is that the video collection is currently the SAME price as it has been. If you have been thinking about buying this offer, you’re basically getting even two more clips with the awesome deal for free.

Here are directions on HOW TO PURCHASE the VIDEO COLLECTION:

1.) VISIT My Clip Store
2.) SIGN UP or Sign Into Your Account
3.) ADD at Least $48 Tokens
4.) TIP Me $47
5.) EMAIL Me Your YouKandy Username
6.) RECEIVE 30 Videos in Return

I invite you to take a look around My Clip Store and check out all of my clips in general before purchasing the whole entire collection. This way, you know what to expect and what will be received!

* This Offer is subject to change. In the future, as more clips are added to the collection, the price of the entire video collecion may be raised. Please check out my main profile at to see the current price before purchasing. Thank you! 

If you haven’t JOINED Snapchat Contest #005, I urge you to do so now before the contest ends! I know many people are hoping to WIN! I can’t wait to see which one of you gets the lucky Lifetime Access to my Snapchat & 20 FREE Clips! Don’t miss out, you can win so many goodies!


Clip SALE: Nightly Cum – 25% OFF

Clip Sales at Shawna Lenee Show - 25% OFF

You can now find the Nightly Cum clip in My Clip Store for 25% OFF! The only catch is, there are only FIVE available at this price! You can see a countdown regarding how many is left at the top of the clip description. If you do not see a countdown, the offer is over and you need to check out new blog posts for new deals.

To obtain this 25% OFF Deal for the Nightly Cum Clip, you will need to act pretty quickly. My last deal was very similar to this for another clip, and that deal didn’t last more than a couple weeks! This is the 3rd TOP SELLING Clip in My Clip Store and I invite you to check out the other videos I am selling as well!

THANK YOU to everyone who has been voting for me. It means so much to me that you guys take the time out of your day, multiple days a week, to click a few pages and vote. If you are unsure about where to vote for me, you can always check out the VOTE Page! Please continue to VOTE FOR ME in the Model of the Month Contest! There are only 4 Days left and I really hope to win! Also, if you have not yet submitted your entry for Snapchat Contest #005, please do so now! That contest also ends in 4 DAYS! I wish you all the best of luck!

There are only 16 DAYS left until my family vacation to Disneyworld! I simply can’t wait and am trying to make as much money as possible in the next week so I can spoil myself and kids! You are so amazing and I thank you so much for reading my posts. I have a lot of new and fun things to announce soon. So please check back!


Snapchat Contest #005

Snapchat Contest #005 - Shawna Lenee Show

It’s time for another Snapchat Contest and I am so excited to be hosting another one! Thank you guys so much for helping me reach 65k Followers on Twitter! It has been such a great month, especially because the Lenee Brigade WON Dogfart Girl of the Month for May 2016! Thank you, again! I am love you all so much for the support and encouragement! So.. Here is the 5th Edition of Snapchat Contest #005, with a different prize selection of course! The WINNER will receive 2 awesome prizes!

  • Lifetime Access to my Snapchat
  • 20 Video Clips from My Clip Store

I hope we can get a lot of entries! If you have any suggestions for PRIZES that I should giveaway for the next contest, please leave your suggestion in the comments area below!

The winner of this contest will automatically be chosen on June 30th, 2016 at 11:59 EST! I am currently participating in TWO CONTESTS this month, and would really appreciate your votes! You can VOTE FOR ME at YouKandy and Manyvids, under the Trouble Brigade. Look at the SPECIAL OFFERS on Manyvids regarding Buying Votes! You really can’t get better deals that those!

Make sure to use Social Media for Snapchat Contest #005! You can earn EXTRA ENTRIES for doing so! The next Snapchat Contest will begin when we hit 80k Followers on Twitter, so make sure you tell your friends to FOLLOW ME!

TrophySnapchat Contest #005
Your Entries
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Snapchat Contest #005 is a special event for reaching 65k Followers on Twitter! This is another huge milestone for all of my interactive fans and followers because we have won another big award this past month! THANK YOU to everyone who retweeted my many tweets to become Dogfart's Girl of the Month for May 2016! I can always count on you guys to VOTE for me, and I just can't thank you guys enough! This contest will start IMMEDIATELY and will end on 06/30/2016 at 11:59pm EST!

The WINNER of this contest will receive TWO Prizes (Value: $100): • Lifetime Access to my Snapchat • 20 FREE Clips from my My Clip Store! The rules are simple: You must be 18+ years to enter this contest. International players are welcome to participate! You must have a Snapchat & Email to receive both prizes. Winner will be notified via email!
This contest expired.

I hope you all are enjoying your Summer! I will be arriving at Disneyworld in 24 DAYS, and I am truly more excited than I can even begin to explain! I wish you all the best of luck in Snapchat Contest #005!

I love you all!


June 2016 Deals

June Deals - Shawna Lenee Show

Last month’s deals were so much fun, I decided to twist them up and offer a NEW SET of deals for June! For the month of June, I am so excited to have a new set of deals that are almost too good to be true. Please find the current June Deals below and if you have any questions, please make sure you ask!

June 2016 Deals MUST be purchased via VOTES on YouKandy for Model of the Month. No other payments will be accepted for this deal. I hope you grab these deals and help me win the Model of the Month Crown back! You can choose from the following set of deals. You are more than welcome to buy as many votes as you like. You can only redeem this prize once. Spoil me with enough, however, and you will probably receive goodies!

I am really not sure how to make these deals even better than they are!

To complete this deal, you must meet the following requirements: You MUST show purchase proof that you purchased the said amount of votes. I prefer that you include the time with your screenshots or photos. You MUST send me your email and Snapchat name so you can redeem your goodies. Click Here to vote for me, then on the next page you will see options to Double or Triple your vote. Tweet that you voted for me as a double vote, sign up on YouKandy as a triple vote, and go on to purchase the above amount of votes to really help me secure my #1 Spot!

I love you all so much. My next blog post will an exciting BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!