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Snapchat Contest #003

Snapchat Contest #003 - The Shawna Lenee Show

CONGRATS TO MICHAEL L. from AUBURN, WA for winning this contest! Thank you to everyone who participated! The next contest will be happening when I reach 50k Followers on Twitter! So FOLLOW ME and tell our friends! XOXO

I am so excited to announce Snapchat Contest #003! Thanks to you all, I have reached 35k Followers on Twitter! I promised another Snapchat Contest, so here it is – the THIRD Edition! I want to thank you all for the continued support and encouragement. I owe a lot of my success to you guys and I couldn’t be more thankful! For this contest, the winner will receive THREE prizes! The Ultimate Fan Package includes:

Lifetime Access to my Snapchat

Autographed 8 by 10

Autographed DVD

I hope you all enjoy this contest Thank you to everyone who participates. Be sure to share this contest on your social media pages so you can earn EXTRA ENTRIES! The more entries you gain, the higher your chance to WIN! Snapchat Contest #004 will start when I reach 50k Followers on Twitter, so tell your friends to Follow Me to keep my count up!

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Snapchat Contest #003 is a celebration for reaching 35k Followers on Twitter! It's still not a million yet, but the milestone deserves a special prize for my fans! Thank you to everyone who has engaged in my Twitter account over the past year. I love having you all in my life! This contest will start IMMEDIATELY and will end on 9/30/2015 at 11:59pm EST! The WINNER of this contest will receive THREE Prizes (Value: $80): • Lifetime Access to my Snapchat • Autographed 8 by 10 • Autographed DVD The rules are simple: You must be 18+ years to enter this contest. International players are welcome!
This contest expired.

Please have the best week ahead ever! I have another three weeks home before I get back to shooting the first week of October! While I am not shooting, I have been camming! Please visit my MFC Profile (which has just been redesigned) at:!

Thanks for coming to the Shawna Lenee Show! Best of luck to you for Snapchat Contest #003!


Shawna Lenee

Purple Bikini Strip Tease Video at Customs4U

Purple Bikini Strip Tease Video from Shawna Lenee

Purchase this Video on Customs4U!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the Purple Bikini Strip Tease Video so far! I hope you have enjoyed the video and I can’t wait to make more! This video is 6 minutes and 16 seconds long and I playfully strip out of my bikini and give you a great teaser! This is a great “warm up” video to the custom videos I have available for purchase as well!


If you haven’t made your purchase yet, I am asking that you take the following steps to do so! These steps are for the DESKTOP version of Customs4U website.

First, you need to click the above link that says Purchase this Video on Customs4U!

Next, you should see three drop down menus. Click on the middle menu under Search Your Model. Type Shawna in that spot and you should see Shawna Lenee drop down.

And then, if you click my name, the page should take you to all of the videos I have available at Customs4U!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions.. Then please email me at – I will try my best to help out!

TODAY ONLY – There is a sale on Lifetime Access on my Snapchat. You can find this offer in my Customs4U store. Instead of the normal $40 Lifetime Access price, it will only cost $30 TODAY! Yay! That is $10 OFF! Don’t miss out on this!

We only need 400 more followers on my Twitter to start Snapchat Contest #003! Make sure to tell your friends to Follow Me!

Have an awesome week! It’s Hump Day today!!


Shawna Lenee

Cleveland Metroparks Photography Summer 2015

Shawna Lenee Photography at Cleveland Metroparks - Summer 2015

I love taking walks in the Metroparks. There are so many places to explore and discover new things. We have a nature center located nearby, and I find myself there a lot. Since I bought a new camera a few months ago, I’ve been trying out this photography thing. It’s been a fun adventure so far and I hope I can make more time for it soon.

In this post, I am posting some of my favorite photos that I have taken from two trips, in June and August of 2015 at the Cleveland Metroparks. One of the days it was Sunny, the other it was Cloudy. Please take it easy on me, I am no expert and am still learning!

Please enjoy these photos and have an amazing week!

There are only 500 more followers needed before we can start Snapchat Contest #003! Make sure you follow my Twitter – at my NEW Twitter Handle (Yes, it was changed but is the same account) –!


Shawna Lenee