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Snapchat Contest #002

Shawna Lenee Show - Snapchat Contest #002

Snapchat Contest #002 has ended! Thank you to everyone who participated! The next contest will be held when my Twitter following reaches 35k! Make sure you Follow me & tell your friends!

Congrats to IAN E. for winning Snapchat Contest #002!


It’s finally time for another CONTEST! I am so excited for this one! Welcome to Snapchat Contest #002! This contest is happening because you have helped me gain 25k followers on Twitter and I am so appreciative- THANK YOU! I have decided to add on a prize to a special gift! The winner of Snapchat Contest #002 will WIN: FREE Lifetime Access to my Snapchat List, and 1 FREE Autographed 8 by 10!

I hope you all enjoy this contest and have fun! I thank everyone in advance for participating! Snapchat Contest #003 will start when I reach 35k followers, so keep telling your friends to FOLLOW ME! To enter this contest, just use the form to fill out your info, then use the social media buttons below to rack up entries! The more entries you receive, the higher your chance to WIN!


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Snapchat Contest #002 is a celebration for reaching 25k on Twitter. It's not a lot, but I think my account has done very well for being new. I want to thank all of you for retweeting my ramblings and sharing my photos. I appreciate all of the love I receive on Twitter. This contest will start immediately and end on May 15th, 2015 at 12:00pm EST. The winner of the contest will win TWO PRIZES this time! The prizes include: 1.) FREE Lifetime Access to my personal Snapchat List. (Value: $40) 2.) FREE Signed 8 by 10 Glossy. (Value :$20) You MUST be at least 18 years or older to enter this contest.
This contest expired.


I love you all & hope you have an amazing week! I have been such a busy girl lately! I will be posting more content about the projects I have been up to, the releases of my new scenes, and where you can find me this year while I am on tour! I have so much exciting information to share with you all! Stay Tuned!! xoxo


Bracelets Are 30% Off at ViBfly Until 4/15

Teal Blue Stone Bracelets from ViBfly

Bracelets are 30% OFF at ViBfly (Ends 4/15).

Some of you may know that web design is a hobby of mine and may also be aware that I have an online jewelry store. I am excited to announce that Violet Butterfly is having a 30% Off Sale on ALL Bracelets until April 15, 2015. Supplies of each style are limited, so grab your item soon. Customer favorite items include the Infinity Bracelets, which are difficult for me to keep in stock for long. These products have also made popular gifts because they are made with a powerful message along with a suitable style.

Customer Favorites of ViBfly Bracelets.

I have an abundance of the Disco Bead Bracelets in Hot Pink. I’ve had a lot of distribution reps from Thirty One purchase them for their sales teams. I love these bracelets because everyone seems to send me pictures of themselves wearing them. The colors in these bracelets are pretty amazing, too. Some are florescent neon, some are just bright. I have a bunch in the hot pink color, so that would be a great choice if you need to buy more than ten at a time.

Wait. What is ViBfly, again?

ViBfly is fun hobby of mine. I always wanted to sell jewelry and have an online store for it. It’s a lot of fun to work on and I’m learning a lot from it, too. I can’t wait to see how much Violet Butterfly is going accomplish. If you were wondering how ViBfly was named, Violet is my daughter’s name and she somehow got the nickname “Violet Butterfly” sometime around a year ago. Maybe she can run VioletButterfly.Co for me when she gets older. 🙂

Shawna Lenee Show


I only need 1.5k MORE FOLLOWERS on my Twitter- @ShawnaLenee_XXX to start Snapchat Contest #002! If you are interested in what the Snapchat Contest is, check out the page about Snapchat Contest #001!